Traffic Engineering

EnTech provides a wide spectrum of high-quality Traffic Engineering services for complex urban development and infrastructure improvements sponsored by transportation government agencies and private sector clients. The senior technical managers and staff of EnTech bring top technical qualification and a comprehensive expertise of Traffic Engineering to accomplish the public and private sector needs and expectations. Various services include:

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  • Highway Corridor Planning Studies

  • Traffic Impact Studies

  • Parking Studies (on-street and off-street)

  • Traffic Signal Design

  • Highway Safety Investigation (HSI) Studies

  • Traffic Data Collection (supervision)

  • Traffic Simulation Models (VISSIM, AIMSUN)

  • Construction Traffic Assessment and Mitigation

  • WZTC Permits and Stipulations

  • NYSDOT Design Phases I-VI Services (DR/DAD)

  • Airline Modernizations (Landside)

  • Airport Wayfinding Signage Design (Landside)

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JFK Airport Traffic Engineering Studies

JFK Airport Traffic Engineering Studies